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I met my publishing deadline and then didn’t say anything about it

My self-imposed publishing deadline was Nov. 23. I made it. On Nov. 23, I published this book. And then, for 24 hours, I didn’t say a word about it. It was probably the quietest book launch in the history of

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It’s the weekend before the Monday my book is available to you

November 23. It’s the day I set in my head to publish my book, and now here I am … November 21, and November 23 is two days from now. I am quietly ready. In the past month, the book

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There are places I want to run from …

… Even now, 70,000-ish words later. Even now, with the cover finished and the final manuscript with a book editor. Even now, as I write this. There are places in my story that I want to run from. And they

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Unveiling … my book cover!

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4 ways India was good for this memoir

I spent July in India, and India was good for my soul and this book. Here’s why: Time and Space Amidst the sightseeing and glory of India, I had entire days and hours to myself. Glorious. I re-edited my entire

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Learning the sound of my own voice

{An excerpt from my memoir, “And Then This Happened.”} I still hear the cautioning voices in my head. The ones that told me to be a good girl and to be a better woman – meek, quiet, submissive. They are

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Pieces of the Prologue {And Then This Happened}

Tonight I want to share with you a segment from my memoir’s prologue … about my adventure of living in a travel trailer for the past 18 months and what my story has taught me in this tiny space. {To

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5 of my favorite one-liners from the first 20 pages

It was hard to pick just five and to pick just one-liners. I want to share it all! And I want to share whole paragraphs! But that part is coming soon (when the book is published). For now, I want

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5 things to know about my memoir

Here are five things you might not know about my memoir: 1} I began writing it in 2011. FOUR years ago! Don’t let anyone tell you this is a speedy process. 2} I’m currently editing the final version – my

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I don’t think God wrote my story

Blending my story with God’s has always been disconcerting to me, especially in the moments when, quite frankly, I’ve thought the plot has sucked. If God were really writing this, couldn’t he have spun things a little different? At the

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