I met my publishing deadline and then didn’t say anything about it

My self-imposed publishing deadline was Nov. 23.

I made it.

On Nov. 23, I published this book.

And then, for 24 hours, I didn’t say a word about it. It was probably the quietest book launch in the history of book launches, and I was perfectly OK with that.

The scariest thing about writing my story was saying things no one has ever heard me say.

So why say them? Why tell you?

Because in the course of me telling you and you reading, perhaps a conversation will ensue.

A conversation about equality.

A conversation about spirituality outside the tenets of religion.

A conversation about the damaging impact Christian patriarchy has on a large population of the children raised in it, especially women and girls.

A conversation about spiritual abuse.

A conversation about finding your way when all the odds (like, all.the.odds) are stacked high against you.

Read, and then let’s converse.

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