It’s the weekend before the Monday my book is available to you

November 23.

It’s the day I set in my head to publish my book, and now here I am … November 21, and November 23 is two days from now.

I am quietly ready.

In the past month, the book has been transformed. It went through the careful eye of a professional book editor in Oregon whose constructive feedback in mid-October sent me back into the pages and into the recesses of my memory and heart for more.

More showing than telling. More vulnerability. More transparency. More.

I stepped away from the process for a few days.

Then I re-centered myself. I talked to the editor. I talked to my therapist and my boyfriend.

And I went back into the pages.

I wrote more.

I deleted more.

Now “And Then This Happened” sits on my desk top as a PDF file. It has page numbers and a dedication page and a copyright symbol – all final touches on this manuscript that I hope will quietly enter the world and inspire the people who read it.

I plan to sit with it again this weekend – just me and it.

It will be our last private encounter.

And then it will become yours.

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