4 ways India was good for this memoir

I spent July in India, and India was good for my soul and this book. Here’s why:

Time and Space

Amidst the sightseeing and glory of India, I had entire days and hours to myself. Glorious. I re-edited my entire manuscript, made those edit changes and wrote more. I fluctuated between HATING EVERYTHING I’d ever written in the manuscript and then peacefully loving it.

The Global Value of ATTH:

This story (my story) is larger than the U.S. While working on my manuscript in India, I got to talk about my story with other people and through those conversations and their feedback after reading parts of it, I realized that women and girls all over the world have had similar experiences as I and they might need my story.

Memories I Didn’t Shun:

Most of the time when memories of my family’s togetherness come wafting through my consciousness, I scurry them along. They hurt too much. But this one was different. This one brought a tinge of comfort – laying in bed at my mom’s house, having just awakened, hearing voices of my siblings and mom in the kitchen, getting out of bed, opening the door and stepping into the barrage of love and “how’d you sleep?” And “do you want some coffee?” I wanted this memory back. I closed my eyes and willingly retreated back to it.

Book Cover Creation

While I was in India writing and editing, a colleague of mine was busy in Texas creating my book cover design. I received the first draft while I was on my layover in Amsterdam and I quickly showed my partner and we both were like, “Wow. He nailed it.” And he really did. It’s light, whimsical, poignant. You’ll see it soon.

We are ever closer to publishing and I’m excited and grateful.

I’m excited to (finally!) put this project in your hands.

And I’m grateful for this incredible journey of discovery and re-discovery.

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