Pieces of the Prologue {And Then This Happened}

Tonight I want to share with you a segment from my memoir’s prologue … about my adventure of living in a travel trailer for the past 18 months and what my story has taught me in this tiny space.

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In December 2013, Mom and I decided to do something unconventional, though not completely foreign to us.

We found a travel trailer for rent on six acres and six weeks later, we moved in.

It was supposed to last six months – enough time for me to finish this book. But then I couldn’t finish it and our landlord emailed, “I’ll be in California another six months. You guys are welcome to stay.”

So we re-upped.

For the first time, I was as close to my roots as I could possibly get. You see, I don’t have a hometown to go home to. I don’t have high school reunions, or a main street. I don’t have the house everyone grew up in.

I have a travel trailer.

And though it was a Fleetwood and not a Pilgrim, and it was 31 feet long and not 40, and it was a family of 9 and not just my mom and me, this was as close as I could come to my childhood stomping grounds.

My story surprised me in the travel trailer.

In the trailer, I had a good memory of my father, which opened the door to more. I was rolling up a hose and realized I was doing it the same way he’d meticulously taught time one winter in Minnesota. There could be no kinks, it had to form a uniform circle and it needed to be clean. I found myself doing these things without thinking.

This is the story I want to tell.

It’s a love story and sometimes it’s a comedy with a dash of irony.

It’s a story about two adventurous people who wanted something different and went for it. There are parts of me from both of them, as you’ll see.

There is tragedy. There is pain, so much of it. The kind I can still feel in my soul.

There is rebuilding, because sorrow endures for a night and then it must relinguish, even if the night lasts for one, two, ten years.

There are narratives from my past, remnants of my blog, which I began in 2004. I want to share some of those with you because in actuality, I’ve been writing this book for a very long time.

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