5 of my favorite one-liners from the first 20 pages

It was hard to pick just five and to pick just one-liners. I want to share it all! And I want to share whole paragraphs! But that part is coming soon (when the book is published).

For now, I want to share with you five of my favorite one-liners from my memoir. Some of these came to me at 2 a.m., some were pressed out of me, some were the only things I wrote in one day.

Now, I give them to you:

The first one:

“(My memoir) is a final, public acknowledgement that this happened and then this happened and releasing that to you is, in a way, releasing it from myself.”

The second one:

“We traveled like this for 12 years, and not once were we given a ticket for nobody wearing seatbelts, or the fact that it wasn’t safe to have five or six kids and a dog riding on a mattress in the bed of a truck.”

The third one:

“It makes me uncomfortable to think I was conceived under the watchful eye of a God who stirred my life pot to include gender discrimination, bomb shelters and a lack of education and healthcare. And then spit me out a 21st century socially awkward girl who could claim nowhere as her home and who hated men.”

The fourth one:

“There are no villains in this story. Only people, and choices, and history made as a result of them.” (OK, maybe that one was two sentences).

The fifth one:

I always had this awareness that I was supposed to be here, but not just to be on this earth; to change it the way people do when they get second chances like I did.”

These were taken from the first 20 pages, which means I’ll HAVE to share more soon!

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