5 things to know about my memoir

Here are five things you might not know about my memoir:

1} I began writing it in 2011. FOUR years ago! Don’t let anyone tell you this is a speedy process.

2} I’m currently editing the final version – my third draft. The first draft went through three beta readers and then sat untouched for a year. The second draft saw six beta readers. Their feedback is what I’m working through right now.

3} In 2012, I moved into a travel trailer for the sole purpose of finishing the memoir. For me, it was as close to my roots as I could get and it opened my soul to wonderful memories (and not-so-good ones too) that I had forgotten about.

4} Be more vulnerable has been a theme through this writing process. I’ve wanted to skim the surface. But no skimming allowed in these pages.

5} Throughout the memoir, I include excerpts from my blog posts and journals that I’ve kept from 2004. They’ve helped provide clarity and in-the-moment account of certain life situations.

Thank you for being part of this transformational process!

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